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Les membres de l'Atelier Bleu M'ajjjiiik 

Chantale Métivier, Serge Drouin, Louis Cartier and Denise Pouliot.

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Atelier Bleu Majjjiiik theatre company, has been touring French and immersion schools in Canada since 1986.  The company was made a spokesperson of the Associates Schools Project Network (ASPNET) of UNESCO in view of the values passed on to young audiences and its commitment to the greater welfare of children.  The company tours with five productions for children ages 5 to 14 and their parents.  The themes deal with childrens experiences, concerns and wishes. Accordingly, theatre becomes an awareness-raising tool for social education skills and citizen responsibility.  The company explores several mediums: acting, mask and puppetry.  To push its step, it conceives and realizes educational documents for the pupils, the teachers and the parents.  It also created the Rivière Bleue collection published by the Chenelière Éducation publishing house.

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Activities and services


Strong from 35 years of experience in Francophone and immersion schools throughout Canada, the Bleu M'ajjjiiik workshop offers a way to approach personal motivation in students or behaviour in groups, through the use of theatre.

Each show has an interactive component, allowing students to internalize the theme of the play, to find, on their own, favourable attitudes and to bring solutions to conflicts.

Documents for teachers, students, and parents are provided for each of the shows. The five shows offered are:

Plays on social skills

Enfants regardant une pice de thtre

bullet Quand tu vois rouge
When you see red     To counter bullying
bullet Face à face
Face to face     On the respect of one and others differences
bullet Ce n'est pas de ma faute
It's not my fault     On rights and responsibilities
bullet Il y a du moi là-dessous
There in some of me under there     On self-esteem
bullet Les règlements à l'école
School rules: It's better to take them laughing than crying     On the rules of life, for better group life


AtelierBleu M'ajjjiiik Atelier sur l'intimidation pour les plus jeunes

bullet Workshops to prevent bullying
bullet Empathy to live together workshop
bullet Initiation to the art of puppetry workshop
bullet Theatrical play and performance workshop


Atelier Bleu M'ajjjiiik
173, rue Gariépy
Lévis, Québec CANADA G6K 1M5
(418) 831-3774

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